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Getting started with the Two Knights Defense

25 June 2019

When White is playing an Italian game, Black mostly has two ways to react: the safe one with the Giuoco Piano and the sharp one with the Two Knights Defense. It is time for a very sharp line now. Beware, what follows is only one possible follow-up amongst several hundreds...



Getting started with the Giuoco Piano

Gambits are not suited for every type of players. Moreover, against a perfect play by the opponent, you often get out of the opening with a slight disadvantage. That's why...

25 June 2019

Getting started with the King’s gambit

The opening we are going to study is so sharp that it was the favorite opening in the romantic era (before 1900). At that time, players were looking for the...

25 June 2019


Passed pawn, isolated pawn, backward pawn… a complete catalog of pawn types

Knowing when a pawn is weak or strong and how you can use it is key in the endgame to know how to leverage your assets in a given position. But the strength (or the weakness) of your pawns must be taken into consideration as...

19 June 2019


Creating a passed pawn from a pawn majority

Once we have studied strong and weak pawns, the next question is how to create a passed pawn. This article deals with the easiest case: when you have a pawn...

25 June 2019

The Rule of the Square in King and Pawn endgames

This article deals with the generic case where you already have a passed pawn that needs to be promoted. It has been created earlier, for instance from a pawn majority....

23 June 2019

The Beginner's Corner

How the King moves

Once you know how we talk about ranks, files and squares in Chess, we can start discussing how each piece is moving. The Queen, the Rook, the Bishop, the Knight and the pawn all have their specific way of moving, but we are going to...

22 June 2019

How the Rook moves

You are maybe coming from this article explaining how the King moves. If you do not know how it moves, I suggest you to check it as well. The way the Rook is moving makes it a cousin of the Bishop and it shares some...

22 June 2019

How the Bishop moves

The way the Bishop moves complements the way the Rook moves: when the Rook moves horizontally and vertically, the Bishop only moves diagonally. This is all you need to know for the moment about how the Bishop moves. Later, you will learn how it interacts...

22 June 2019

How the Queen moves

Now that you know how the Rook and the Bishop move, you are ready to have a look at the game’s most powerful piece: the Queen. The Queen combines the power of a Rook and a bishop. A Queen can move as far as it...

22 June 2019

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