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This title is a bit of a shortcut, but in King and Pawn endgames, when you have the extra pawn, it is absolutely true !

As we have already seen, reaching a key square with the King ensures the win. However, there are other rules to manage pawn endgames, here is an important one.
White wins if at least 2 of the following conditions are met:

In this article and the next ones, we will study all the cases arising from this rule.

This article deals with the case where White’s King is in front of the pawn and White has the opposition. We will start with the textbook case, and study more complex cases onward.

This fundamental King and pawn endgame position has been explained in detail in the article explaining the difference between Checkmate and Stalemate.

Therefore, we can conclude that White should not have pushed the pawn on the sixth rank.

To sum up the winning strategy, if White’s King is in front of the pawn and White has the opposition:

  • use the opposition to move the King to the sixth rank
  • then push the pawn
  • but do not push the pawn to the sixth rank unless you have the opposition !

There are more subtle ways to use opposition to your advantage and I encourage you to check them. Next we will learn how to win when your King is on the sixth rank, depending on when you have the opposition or not.

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