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Gambits are not suited for every type of players. Moreover, against a perfect play by the opponent, you often get out of the opening with a slight disadvantage. That’s why at top level, very sharp lines like the King’s gambit are rarely played.

Instead, more positional players can opt for solid lines such as the Italian game. The theory of the Italian game is very developed, and we are only going to study a very small part of it. this article covers one of Black’s main defense against the Italian game: the Giuoco Piano.

This last example shows that White has many possibilities in the Giuoco Piano, when Black often only has one correct move. This makes the Giuoco Piano a very good practical choice, especially if you are playing a move Black did not expect.

This was just an overview of the Giuoco Piano. If you choose to play this opening with White, you have to be prepared as well to the 2 Knights defense when Black plays 3… Nf6 instead of 3. Bc5. More positional players will prefer to play the Ruy Lopez whereas the Scotch is a good option to play for a small advantage in quiet lines.

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