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Why is it important to know how to checkmate with two Queens ? If you recognize a familiar checkmate pattern during the middlegame, then you may be able to end the game quickly, by delivering a mate on f7, g7 or h7. The back rank mate is another possibility to checkmate your opponent early in the game.

That is when you are lucky enough to outplay your opponent before the endgame. But in 90% of your games, the result will be decided in the endgame. Here is how it typically happens.

The problem at this point is that you probably do not know yet how to checkmate with a King and a Queen against a sole King. This is the topic of this article and the following ones. We are going to teach you how to checkmate without any hesitation in the following cases:

These lessons are really important to learn how to “kill” in a winning position. If you get to one of the configurations above, you should have no hesitation on the final outcome and how to get there. Are you ready ? Then take a deep breath, let’s learn to checkmate with two Queens !

To be very honest, this is very easy to checkmate your opponent with such an advantage. The only problem is that 2 Queens are so powerful and control so much squares that you should always stay vigilant to avoid a stalemate.

So how to get there when the opposing King is not yet on the edge of the board ? Let’s follow together an endgame where White successfully checkmates Black with 2 Queens.

Always remain careful with what seems to be a winning position. With 2 Queens on the board, it is very easy to blunder and draw the game by Stalemate.

Now let’s go back and try to find a better option for White.

In short, to checkmate your opponent with 2 Queens agains a sole King:

  • First, contain the King in a “virtual rectangle” made by one of your Queen.
  • Move one Queen after another to make the rectangle each time smaller. The ultimate goal being to push the King to the side of the board.
  • The easiest mate is a sort of a back rank mate with your 2 Queens.
  • However, always be careful about the possibility of a stalemate, especially when the King comes close to the side. You should be ready to change your plan accordingly.

That should be enough. Do not hesitate to come back to this article regularly as this method should really become automatic for any serious Chess Player. Next: how to checkmate with one Queen against the lone King, how to checkmate with two Rooks against the King, and (harder) how to checkmate with one Rook against the King !

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