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Once we have studied strong and weak pawns, the next question is how to create a passed pawn. This article deals with the easiest case: creating a passed pawn when you have a pawn majority already. In case you don’t have such majority, this is much harder and may require some clever pawn breaks.

First of all: what is a pawn majority and how to create a passed pawn with it ?

On the other hand, some pawn majorities will never allow you to create a passed pawn. This often happens when the side having the majority has doubled pawns. You already knew that doubled pawns are generally weak, here is a firsthand example of this case.

To sum up: most of the pawn majorities will allow you to create a passed pawn, but in case of doubled pawns, this might be impossible.

As a conclusion to this article: when you have a pawn majority, it is usually possible to create a passed pawn. Then, provided it is remote enough, you can apply the generic method to win with a remote passed pawn.

In some other cases, creating a passed pawn is harder and requires a pawn breakthrough, but that is a topic for another article !

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